Everyone requires a ticket to enter the venue.

No adults permitted without a child.

Parents remain responsible for all children within their group at all times. Children must remain under parent/guardian supervision at all times.

The audience may enter the performance space 30 minutes before the performance begins.

The performance lasts 50 minutes.

Tickets are non-refundable.

A tuck shop will be provided at the back of the Great Hall for refreshments. No other food or drink is permitted inside the venue.

No media coverage and/or filming is to take place at the venue without permission.

By attending this event, you give permission for the creative team to take photographs and film footage of the event which may be used for further promotion and marketing.

Inform our staff of any issues, spilt drinks or if you are in need of any assistance at any point throughout the show. Staff will be wearing Hijinks T-shirts.

No standing on the furniture throughout the performance.

For your reassurance

Music is kept at safe levels.

Expect lighting however the show doesn’t incorporate strobe lighting.

Every event is stewarded by licensed chaperone approved staff and is fully risk assessed.