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Hijinks... A Boisterous & Rambunctious Carry On

The Hijinks production is a laugh-out-loud, interactive children’s game show aimed at 7 - 11 year olds and families. Expect to be taken on an exciting journey in which you will meet two mischievous and lively characters called Hi and Jinks. 


Are you ready

to play Hijinks?

Join our fun-loving duo, Hi and Jinks, to have fun, play along with friends and family and become part of the Hijinks dance crew! 


Hi and Jinks have fun banter, an unpredictable nature, dance moves to show you and hilarious stories to tell. Dance moves created by children and games are what hides behind every square on the giant dancing grid. Watch our two dance crews who reveal each move as they compete to win and learn this week’s Hijinks Pick ‘N’ Mix! Take part in a whirlwind of Hijinks mayhem where anything can happen and probably will...

2 Teams, 8 Dance Moves,

4 Games, Hijinks winners!



Contact us for further information on info@hijinks.co.uk


Production music courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com


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Contact the Hijinks Team

on info@gohijinks.co.uk